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So I had every intention of practicing my bullying and telling you how much you suck, but I can't even be mean to you, of all the people. You're like those boys in ninth grade that thought it was so funny to ask me if I stuffed my bra when it was pretty obvious that my ribs stuck out farther than my chest. But now I just look back at them and feel sorry because they all married girls who had big boobs in high school and were totally fat by 30. What comes around goes around, kiddo. Remember that. But nice job or whatever. Nice grammer.

Congressman Foley

Who has grandchildren?


What happened to the other mast header? If you are trying to bring sexy back, you have failed miserably.

Yo mama

Yes, I did know that crazy son of a bitch had grand children.

Did you know that a show is being created for New York called Flavorette so she can find a man?

Oh, and yes, the way he eats seriously grosses me out. Barf!


I'm not sure 30 is the new 21...but...from what I understand, you are only as old as the girl you sleep with. I think I learned that from your sister actually. As for Flavor of Love, he has girls falling all over him and I'm still single. Depressing..can't watch it.

de Wet- south africa

hey hey hey.hows it going there. I liked the kriss cross comment.we use to do it as well,turn all our clothes around to impress the ladies.Remember to rock and roll

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