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Wow, is this site updated? I was trying to use it as a portal to get to hot Paige Six, and low and behold...but I digress, I think you should add one sentence to the article where it discusses Converse All-Stars. It should be about how you wore them too, in the sixth grade. You had them on when you shot our math teacher in the head with a rubber band when you were trying to hit me. Thanks again for that detention.


Dave- love this year's post! I especially appreciate the description of bad breath. Powdered milk is perfect. Ever smelled sour powdered milk though? I'm not even sure it exists, but there are people out there who's breath smells like it.

Ange Mange

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!! Sorry that I can't come on that gay Trolley thing Saturday, but I am a working girl. Seriously, happy bday, and I loved the bit about peeing on cans. Did you learn that from a McMann?


Ange, I don't think you know what you are saying when you tell people that you are a working girl. You might want to stop telling people that.

I am miffed about your post. It's not that I had to wait 13 months for this steaming pile, because honestly epxectations are already low. It's really that I disagree on about half of your points.

Why do people poo-poo flossing? Not flossing makes your breath smell like poo poo. Bad breath is more caused by not flossing than it is not brushing.

Flip flops are gay.

I own a bluetooth a-hole.

I'm that guy in front of you reclining on the airplane. I'm getting every inch I can. I refuse to sit at a 90 degree angle.

I'm with you on the crock pots though. They suck.

August 2007

I look foward to your next post


Vetting wears Chuck Taylor's like no other.


a new daverox post? crazy indeed.

i must say, the bit about the peein in a bag full of cans made me laugh harder than the last time i... well, peed in a bag of cans.

jean shorts are a major no-no, slip-on shoes are rediculous, and jessica alba is HOT.

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