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No matter how hot the girl, I can't get over the foot out of the window. It's a thousand times worse when its a guy. Nice post Tommy.


i have to agree, the first thought is "why", but it QUICKLY shifts to "how" and then "hot."


For some of us the stop at the red light is the only thing keeping us from dying while trying to drive home after busting our asses off from 5am. The 1 minute power nap can get us through to the next light. As for the other driving distractions, I'm sorry if the only time I have to eat or shave happens to be in the 2 hours a day I am not sleeping or at work that just happen to be in my car. As for the foot out the window, its the only way I can air my junk out sufficiently (with proper aim of the car vents) so as to not offend the wife when asking for a stress reliever.

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